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Our main products include aluminum coil, aluminum sheet, aluminum circle, embossed aluminum plate, aluminum tread plate, aluminum foil etc. If you are interested in our products, you can contact with us demand table submission.

Aluminium tread plate

Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate - Metals

Strength, skid resistance, and durability are the primary selling points of this product. Although its mill finish is not as flashy as 3003 grade, 6061 Aluminum Diamond Plate is widely used for industrial applications - flooring, loading ramps, trench covers, dock flooring, stair treads, elevator floors, freezers floors, etc. Offering increased strength and corrosion resistance, 6061 Aluminum Diamond Plate, is

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Our main products include Aluminum Tread Plate、Aluminum Diamond Plate、Aluminum Checker Plate Ect.With the accumulation for more than 15 years, HWALU has established its Brand in domestic and abroad.. N News. EWS >>More.

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Sell well aluminum 1/3/5-bar tread plates of 5052 tread plate with greatest price. Chinese well-known supplier 6082 Aluminum alloy checkered aluminum plate. Anti-slipping 6063 Aluminum checker plate and sheet with factory price Amazing 6061-T6 aluminum diamond tread plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum

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*Thickness is measured exclusive of projections. 3003-H22 – Bright Finish Bendable. – Excellent Corrosion Characteristics. 6061-T6 – Structural Applications – Not Bendable. 5-BAR – TREAD PLATE. 3003-H22 –

Aluminum Tread Plate | Haomei Tread Plate

Haomei aluminum tread plate is durable and corrosion-resistant. Available in 1060, 3003, and 6061 alloys, our extensive inventory includes both bright and mill-finished plate, in both embossed and diamond tread forms. Aluminium tread plate sheet is commonly used for truck beds and trailers walkways and cat walks, flooring, tool boxes, wall panels, decorative trimming, and architectural

Aluminium Tread Plate | 5 Bar | Metal

Aluminium 5 Bar Tread: A very common mistake made when ordering Aluminium Treads is over the thickness of the product, O/P means On Plane not over pattern, as an example 4.5mm O/P Tread will give you an over all thickness of approximay 6mm including the pattern. 2500 x 1250 x 2mm O/P Aluminium 5 Bar Tread

Aluminum Diamond Plate | 6061 Aluminum Plate | 3003

6061 T651 Aluminum Plate. Aluminum treadplate T651 is commonly known as \'\'Diamondplate\'\'. It is strong, lightweight and is used to provide protection and traction on high traffic areas. Aluminum plate 6061 T651 provides strength, skid resistance, and durability. Aluminum diamond plate 6061 has limited formability but is easy to weld and machine. This aluminum product also offers increased strength and

Aluminum Tread Plate, 48\" Sheets - Mirage

Aluminum Treadplate, 48″ Sheets. 48″ sheets of .030 Raven Black, or .025/.045 Starbrite diamond plate aluminum. ATP can be used for interior and exterior in a wide variety of applications from trim to wall and flooring. For smaller sizes, please see our 12″, 24″, and 36″ Aluminum Treadplate Trim products. There are no reviews

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Aluminum Tread Plate is commonly known as “Diamond Plate or Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate”. Aluminum Tread Plate is non-slip element allows it to be widely used as vehicle flooring and industry flooring due to its practical and decorative

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3003TP188X60X96 Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate 3003 H.188 X 60 X TP1/4X48X96 Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate 3003 H.25 X 48 X TP3/8X60X192 Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate 6061 T6 0.375 X 60 X 192

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Tread plate is now something we see more in our lives, whether it is in the decoration industry or other industries, there are many applications of aluminum tread plate, we will first understand the quality of aluminum plate and the tread plate price during use , What factors determine the quality and quotation of tread plates?Aluminum sheet manufacturers answer this question for

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Aluminium Sections Angles Bars Knotwood Plates Tool Boxes Other. Plates - Tread. Sort By: Show: Propeller Plate 3mm x 1219mm x 2438mm. $201.80 (GST inc.) Add to Cart. Propellor Plate 1.6mm x 1200mm x 2400mm. $98.60 (GST inc.) Add to Cart. Propellor Plate 2mm x 1219mm x

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Aluminium treadplate is made by the semi-continuous casting, hot rolling and cold rolling of aluminium ingot. It is during the cold rolling operation where the checker is embossed onto one side of the coil during the final rolling operation. The rolls used to produce the pattern are expensive and made in

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Tread Brite Tread Plate is the most common type of aluminum tread plate, used for a wide variety of applications. Embossed Firetruck-Quality (FTQ) Tread Plate is the same as Tread Brite in all aspects, with the exception of a slightly modified pattern that provides even better

28x8 Aluminum Tread Plate Fender - Single Axle Round

Our Diamond Plate, also known as Tread Plate, is made up of lightweight. 056\" 3003 Aluminum.056\" 3003 Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate. This fender is 28\"x8\" made with. grade Diamond Treadplate aluminum and provides protection for single axle

Aluminum Stair Treads |

Choose these stair treads for greater durability than metal plank grating stair treads. They have an open surface that prevents debris from accumulating. Nosing is textured for traction. Aluminum treads are more corrosion resistant than galvanized

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Pierce Aluminum Tread can provide Aluminum Plate products in widths ranging from 36” to 72”, and in thicknesses ranging from 0.045 ” to 0.5”. Pierce Aluminum Tread is available in varieties of Series 3000, Series 5000, and Series 6000 alloy. Aluminum Tread is available in multiple

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Tread plates. We stock profound ranges of tread plates, which we all can deliver with quintet pattern. Therefore, be aware that the thickness of the plates are measured without the pattern height, and therefore a 5/7 tread plate has a plate thickness of 5 mm and a pattern height of 2.0


Tread Plate Supplied Cut to Any Size. Best Price Guarantee. Select Thickness. To Tread-Plate.co.uk. We do anything metal, and specialise in \"Aluminium Tread Plate\", as full-sheets, cut to size, bent, welded and/or fully fabricated. We pride ourselves

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Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate Sheet .\" x 12\" 3003 H14 Checker Plate Durbar Floor Plate, Tread plate aluminum (Free Shipping) NEW From shop

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2,Al-Mn alloy checker plate: 3003 aluminum as the main raw material processing, the aluminum plate, also known as rust-proof aluminum, the strength is slightly higher than the ordinary aluminum alloy tread plate, with a certain anti-rust properties, but the hardness and corrosion resistance are less than 5,000 series, so the product is not strictly used in the anti-rust, such as truck models

Aluminum Tread Plate - Stock Car Steel And

Also referred to as Aluminum Tread Brite or Diamond Plate, our Aluminum Tread Plate is manufactured of 3003 Aluminum Alloy. We offer a full range of strong, functional, light gauge aluminum sheet, embossed with a durable tread plate design. 3003 Aluminum Alloy contains Manganese as its major alloying element. 3003 Aluminum is an alloy with very

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We Xiaoxian Ruiyi Commercial Trade Limited are a leading metal service supplier of aluminum stair tread sheet, Aluminum tread Brite plate, Aluminum checker plate manufacturers, Perforated aluminum sheet , Diamond sheet manufacturers, Aluminum tread plate manufacturers and manufacturers specializing in aluminum alloy sheets (aluminum checker plates), Aluminium Alloy Tread Plate sheet

10 X 5 Aluminium Tread Plate Application Industry

10 x 5 aluminium tread plate used in home decoration. In the field of home decoration in recent years, patterned aluminum panels occupy a pivotal position because they are widely used because of their bright colors, easy cleaning, sturdiness and durability, smooth surface, strong impact resistance, and quick construction. The characteristics of the patterned aluminum plate are: easy to process

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May 22, 2021  The aluminum tread plate used in the evaporator of the refrigerator is an orange peel aluminium checker plate. Due to the particularity of the orange peel pattern, this series of products has good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation. The main role of orange peel aluminium checker plate is insulation and refrigeration, so it is usually

3003 H22 Sheet And Tread Plate - Mingtai

3003 h22 aluminum sheet and diamond tread plate have better durability, highly polished properties, etc. 3003 h22 aluminum is widely used for architectural decoration, vehicle /marine transportation, manufacturing. As for the h22 of 3003 h22 refers to H22

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With over 21 years of selling metal online, Online Metals offers the best service, selection, and knowledge. Free MTRs, no cut fees, fast

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Aluminum diamond plate, sometimes called aluminum tread plate, aluminum floor plate, or aluminum checker plate, is available in 6061-T6 and 3003-H14 sizes. The 6061-T6 alloy can have a dull or shiny finish and is harder and more durable, and the 3003-H14

28x8 Aluminum Tread Plate Fender - Single Axle Round

Our Diamond Plate, also known as Tread Plate, is made up of lightweight. 056\" 3003 Aluminum.056\" 3003 Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate. This fender is 28\"x8\" made with. grade Diamond Treadplate aluminum and provides protection for single axle

Aluminum Tread Plate: 6061 Vs. 3003 | The Metal Press By

Aluminum Tread Plate, also known as Diamond Plate, provides traction, slip resistance, and protection in high traffic areas. Online Metals stocks inventory in two varieties: Aluminum 6061 and Aluminum 3003 Brite.. Aluminum Tread Plate is much lighter than Steel Tread Plate and Stainless Steel Tread Plate.. Both Aluminum 6061 and 3003 provide excellent corrosion resistance, workability

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